Cringleford Cavell Court residents record bed-time stories

Care home residents in Norfolk have filmed themselves telling classic children’s tales to “ensure no child goes to bed without a story”.

To celebrate National Storytelling Week, residents at Care UK’s Cavell Court in Cringleford recorded their retellings of four famous bedtime stories: Cinderella, The Three Bears, Jack and The Beanstalk and The Three Little Pigs.

Peta Cremer, 78, who read Cinderella, said: “I wanted to get involved with this to do something nice for the children.

“I really enjoyed sitting in the storytelling throne and reading out the different characters. I hope the children enjoy watching them as much as we did creating them.”

Norwich Evening News: Nancy Thompson, a resident at Cavell Court home in Cringleford, Norfolk, as she reads The Three Little Pigs.Nancy Thompson, a resident at Cavell Court home in Cringleford, Norfolk, as she reads The Three Little Pigs. (Image: Care UK)

Brenda Burman, 87, said: “I can remember having Jack and The Beanstalk read to me as a child, and have read it to my children and grandchildren over the years.

“It’s a family favorite and one I always enjoy revisiting.”

To create the videos, the care home made a set for the residents which included a “storytelling throne”, blankets, puppets, cuddly toys and a cup of tea.

The charity said it wanted to create something special ahead of National Storytelling Week, which takes place between January 30 and February 5, to promote literacy and “ensure no child goes to bed without a bedtime story, no matter if they have someone to read to them or not”.

Karen Curle, home manager at Cavell Court, said: “We all remember fondly the stories told to us as children, and the quality time spent reading family favorites with loved ones.

“Unfortunately, we know not every child is lucky enough to have their own grandparents to read to them, and the residents were keen to provide them with an alternate experience to enjoy.

“It has been heart-warming to see the residents practice their lines and read their favorite stories out loud over the last few weeks.

“Nurturing a love of reading from an early age is so important in developing a child’s imagination and communication skills, while in older age reading can also help to improve concentration and reduce stress.

“From Cinderella to Jack and The Beanstalk, each of the residents’ four videos include something for all children to enjoy and are available for any family to view online.

“We hope children in Norfolk and beyond enjoy each of the stories and where they take their imagination.”

The four stories are available for everyone to access at Care UK’s website.

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