#CreatorRewind: Fitness influencers who pushed us to get out of bed and be active in 2022

#LetsKetchup: Many fitness influencers on social media inspired us to stay fit throughout 2022. Follow them if you’d like some motivation to stay healthy in 2023!

2023 is just around the corner, and most of us are about to undertake the new year resolution to stay fit. We promise ourselves every year that this will be the year we focus on our physical health. Our new year’s resolution is to go to yoga classes every day without fail. We decide to never skip gym day after paying for it and vow to meditate every day. However, most of these plans end after a week! After all, it’s difficult to juggle work, chores, and fitness. Taking time out and going to another place to work out is a hassle. But there are people who help you get fit within the four walls of your house. Many fitness influencers on social media inspired people to stay fit throughout 2022.

Not only did they give us fitness goals, but they also taught us how to be kind to our bodies. While they gave tips for weight loss, they also taught us how to accept our bodies as they are. Using 30-second reels, these content creators taught us how to stay fit and gently take care of our bodies. The best parts are that their content is free, and we can access it any time we want.

Here are some fitness influencers you can follow on Instagram to initiate your fitness journey!

Kanav Vohra

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Nehal Kansara

dr Manoj Yogacharya


Apoorva Jayarajan

Priyank Mehta

Nimish Yadav

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