Crash suspect Aramis Segura was found hiding under bed, police say

WARWICK – The Charlestown man accused of escaping a New Year’s Day accident that killed a teenage boy in East Greenwich cried on his first court hearing on Tuesday.

Aramis Segura, 30, of 5151 Old Post Rd., Slumped and leaned on a stick as Superior Court Judge Melissa E. Darigan ordered him to be bailed as a suspected probation violation on previous burglary charges and burglary, as well as possession of a stolen automobile, and conspiracy.

Assistant Attorney General John Corrigan moved to detain Segura based on his 2010 “substantial” criminal record, which included charges of shoplifting, stolen goods and third-degree sexual assault, equivalent to legal rape.

The crash:17-year-old driver dies when his car was hit by a sedan that was moving too fast shortly after the New Year

Also, Corrigan said, Segura escaped with the help of his girlfriend from the scene of the accident that killed 17-year-old Olivia Passaretti before he was found under his bed hours later by Rhode Island State Police.

Aramis Segura in court.

Screams underscored Segura’s appearance before District Court judge Christine S. Jabour, where Segura cried again when he gave his name, address and date of birth.

“You killed my little girl,” shouted Passaretti’s stepfather Dennis Molloy when Segura was being taken away.

Segura’s supporters shouted in Spanish, one shouted, “I love you.”

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