Covid bed occupancy in West Bengal at 2.7%, govt hospitals to scale down beds | Kolkata News

KOLKATA: With Covid-19 cases in the state remaining stable for a few weeks, the state health department has decided to reduce the number of Covid beds in state hospitals.
The Covid bed occupancy rate in the state is currently just under 2.7%. Even though all hospitals now treat non-Covid patients, a large part of the beds in many hospitals are reserved for Covid patients.

The government has also decided to reduce the number of safe homes in the districts. Apart from one or two safe houses in each district, the rest should be closed for the time being, according to a Monday circular from the state health department.
“After a slight increase around the Durga Puja festival, the daily positive cases have been in a stagnation phase for several weeks. We have been following this trend for a few weeks and now believe that some Covid beds need to be ditched in favor of non-Covid patients, ”said a source at Swasthya Bhawan.
Despite a slight increase during the pre- and post-Durga puja phase, when the daily cases hit the 1000 mark on a few days, the number of daily cases has fluctuated around the 700 to 800 mark since the first week of July. As of Monday, the state reported 615 positive cases with approximately 26,000 tests.
In Calcutta, the daily cases have hovered around the 200 mark for weeks. On Monday the number was reduced to 176.
“We will continue to reserve a certain number of CCU, HDU and PICU and general beds for Covid patients. The rest will be switched to non-Covid beds for the time being, ”the source said.
Details such as the number of beds to be converted to non-Covid have not yet been decided. Such a decision will be made in consultation with the MD of the National Health Mission for Hospitals and Medical Colleges in Calcutta, while it will be finalized in the district in consultation with the DMs.
Currently, 11 state hospitals in Kolkata that treat Covid patients have around 3,000 Covid beds. Health Department sources suggested that an apex and dedicated center like Infectious Disease Hospital and Beliaghata General (ID&BG) and CNCI Rajarhat may not need to reduce the Covid-19 bed for now.
“We admitted between 40 and 50 patients each day, around 20 of whom would be in the intensive care unit. Even if this number is nothing compared to the enormous increase in patients we were exposed to during the second wave, we will continue to maintain the 300 Covid beds that we operate, ”said Anima Halder, director of the ID & BG hospital. However, hospitals have been instructed not to move or dismantle equipment and other equipment installed for Covid patients.


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