covid-19: Pune: Hospitals told to update bed occupancy data on dashboard | Pune News

PUNE: The county government has instructed all urban and rural hospitals to update Covid bed occupancy and availability data on the dashboard so they can decide how many health centers are fully dedicated to caring for coronavirus infected patients.
District collector Rajesh Deshmukh in Pune told TOI that he had instructed hospitals in rural areas to update the date on the dashboard. The same applies to the facilities in the city limits, he added.
Santosh Patil, the deputy commissioner for the Pune division, admitted the hospitals were a little negligent in updating bed availability data on the dashboard and said they would make sure no Covid patient was denied hospital care.
“We have enough allocated beds in different hospitals. The hospitals that do not see Covid patients should speak to the collector if they are in rural areas and to the citizen authorities if they are in local bodies, “he said.
Currently, the dashboard does not reflect the updated data on bed availability in private hospitals. In addition, many small and medium-sized hospitals in the city have stopped routine Covid work due to infrastructure problems.
The lack of updated data on the dashboard unsettled citizens about the hospitals offering Covid care, a source said. One Covid patient said that some hospitals that had started non-Covid work referred patients to other healthcare facilities despite having adequate beds.
On September 1, the state extended the 80:20 bed reservation for Covid patients until November. Collectors and community leaders had a free hand to decide on the 50:50 bed division depending on the situation.
Dr. Sanjay Patil, chair of the Hospital Board of India, Indian Medical Association, Pune, told TOI that given the number of Covid patients admitted across the city, the local administration is following the 50:50 ratio for Covid patients. “Many small and medium-sized hospitals that admitted Covid patients in the first and second waves have now switched to routine non-Covid work. Many have stopped the Covid recordings because of infrastructure problems, “he said.


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