Covid-19: Bed occupancy shoots up by 148% in Punjab in a fortnight | Chandigarh News

CHANDIGARH: Under the intense third wave of Covid-19 fueled by the Omicron variant, Punjab has seen a 148% increase in the number of infected patients requiring hospitalization in the past two weeks.
Despite the significant increase, the current percentage of hospital admissions is still lower than the devastating second wave of infections that had overwhelmed the state’s healthcare infrastructure in both the public and private sectors. A large proportion of Covid beds — 11,409 out of 12,999 — remain available across the state to treat critically ill patients.
Data compiled by TOI shows that the total bed occupancy as of January 9 was 642, which was 5% of the 12,593 total beds. A total of 164 ventilator-equipped intensive care unit (ICU) beds were occupied by 1,360 (12.05%), while 88 ventilator-free intensive care unit beds were occupied by 1,602 (5.49%). Compared to the capacity of the oxygen beds of 9,631, a total of 390 (4.04%) were occupied. As of 3pm on January 21, 12% of the 12,999 beds were occupied, of which the maximum contribution came from the hardest-hit districts of Mohali, Patiala, Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Amritsar. With 432 out of 1,769 occupied beds, the highest occupancy rate of 24.24% was found in ICU beds without ventilators, while 246 out of 1,421 (17.3%) of the ICU beds with ventilators were used to care for patients and 912 out of 9,809 (9.29% ) oxygen beds were occupied.
Against the availability of 96.75 MT of medical grade oxygen, the demand was only 6.79 MT. Punjab has learned from mistakes made during the second wave, which left four people dead from lack of oxygen, and has filled in the gaps.
Hospitals with more than 50 beds have installed pressure swing adsorption (PSA) oxygen generating systems, of which 41 such systems were installed by the central government and another 37 systems were installed through donations in the medical colleges and state health institutions.
The medical gas pipeline system was laid in all county hospitals and subdivisional hospitals (SHD) of the state.
Punjab Covid-19 Node Official Dr. Rajesh Bhaskar explained that despite the increase in hospitalization rates, there are still many beds available to treat critically ill patients.


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