Couple wakes up to a dog snuggling in their bed but – it wasn’t their dog

Julia and Jimmy Johnson love dogs. The Polk County, Tennessee couple owns three – Jupiter, Hollis and Zeplin.

It is not unusual for them to share the bed with their pets but when the couple recently woke up to a dog snuggling with them, they were in for a shocker.

It wasn’t one of their dogs.

Julie posted on Facebook on May 1, “It is absolutely normal to wake up in our house with one of OUR dogs in the bed with us.

One small problem, THIS IS NOT OUR DOG, nor do we know how she got in our house.

At first, we thought it was one of ours, but they rarely lay on the pillows! In pitch darkness, I just assumed it was. Wouldn’t we all?

As daylight began to creep in through our curtains we realized we were snuggling with someone else’s dog.

This is the weirdest post I have ever had to make. Is this your dog?”

After the post on Facebook, Julie learned the dog’s name was Nala and she had wandered about 2 miles from home.

“Her name is Nala and her mom is on the way to get her. Good luck getting her out of my bed…,” Julie wrote.

The couple told news outlets their own dogs usually bark – at squirrels, birds and anything else that moves but for some reason, they did not bark at Nala.

The Johnsons have become Facebook friends with Nala’s mom, who said, “We’re thankful for you guys and keeping her safe, warm and giving her snuggles.”

One friend told Julie that Nala “picked the right house, for sure”

Julie said they think Nala got into the house through a door that was accidentally left open.

“I don’t recommend waking up with a stranger, but if you do, I hope it’s someone like Nala,” Julie said.

Nala sneaks into stranger's house

Julie and Jimmy Johnson of Tennessee woke up to find a strange dog snuggling in bed with them. After posting her photo on Facebook, the couple learned the dog’s name is Nala and she had wandered about two miles from home.

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