Couple discover ferret hiding in their bed as animal flees Storm Arwen gales

A “big” ferret, nicknamed “Snoozy” for his love of sleep, snuggled into the bed of a Bristol couple on Friday when Storm Arwen wreaked havoc on Friday

"Snoozy" slipped out of his owner's house last week and disappeared
‘Snoozy’ the ferret slipped out of its owner’s house last week and disappeared

An escaped ferret was reunited with its owners after Storm Arwen drove it into a casual couple’s bed.

The creature hatched from its owner’s home in Whitchurch, Bristol last week, triggering a lack of ferret appeal.

But on Friday night, the “pretty tall guy for a ferret” snuck in and snuggled into the bed of a couple from Bristol when the storm hit the town outside.

And since he was found, he has been called “Snoozy” by those who care for him for just sleeping, reports Bristol Live.

When the confused couple found that there was a furry animal in their bed, they called the local vets.

Highcroft Vets checked him out on Saturday and named him “Stinky Pete” after the Toy Story character.

But his constant dozing resulted in a renaming when he was relocated to the Bristol Animal Rescue Center.

“Snoozy,” described as “a pretty big guy for a ferret,” was written by Storm Arwen. driven into his owner’s bed

The storm hit Bristol on Friday and Saturday, leaving a trail of destruction

Highcroft Vets said they were inundated with ferret-related calls after posting pictures of “Snoozy” on Facebook.

You asked people to stop calling.

“It must have been quite a shock to the couple,” said a Bristol ARC spokesman.

“Ferrets are really smart and love to escape, and they’re great diggers, so keeping them at bay can be quite difficult.

“Of course he got out, but found himself in the big, cold winter storm at night, so he found a cat flap and went inside to get warm and dry.

“We don’t know the details of the couple who found him, but apparently he went to their bed in the middle of the night. Maybe they have pets of their own and are used to getting on the bed, but they weren’t expecting a ferret, ”she added.

“He weighs about a kilo, which is pretty big for a ferret. We called him Snoozy because he was obviously quite tired from his adventure and slept with us most of the time, ”she said.

Appeals to find the ferret’s true owner appear to have been successful – and Snoozy’s family is due to pick him up today.

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