Counties with the lowest hospital bed capacity in Missouri | State

The use of vaccines from December signaled a turning point in the pandemic. As of February 2, more Americans had been vaccinated against COVID-19 than were infected. However, as vaccination rates lagged in the summer, there were new spikes in COVID-19. More than 80% of these cases by the end of July were caused by the Delta variant, which is more contagious than the original virus. This has led to rising rates of transmission in the community and, especially in areas with lower vaccination rates, higher hospital admissions and deaths.

As of November 18, the United States had 767,692 COVID-19-related deaths and 47.4 million COVID-19 cases, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Currently, 58.9% of the US population is fully vaccinated. Epidemiologists say the lower the vaccination rate, the more chance the virus has of developing and becoming more dangerous.

Stacker has compiled a list of the counties with the lowest inpatient bed capacity in Missouri based on data from the U.S. Department of Health. The counties are ranked according to the percentage of inpatient hospital beds occupied as of November 17, with the availability of the intensive care unit serving as a decision criterion. Hospital stay data was available for approximately 77% of the counties in the US Read on to see what hospital capacity is like in your county.


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