CORONAVIRUS: Bed space availability shrinks slightly at Newman Regional Health

CORONAVIRUS: Bed availability at Newman Regional Health is shrinking slightly

Newman Regional Health graphic.

If you have to spend a night at Newman Regional Health, bed space is still tight – and a little narrower than it was earlier this week.

In its report last week, which reflects traffic between September 29 and October 2, Newman Regional Health announced a daily average of four available beds. Thursday’s report, reflecting data between October 6-19, indicates an average of three beds per day.

The number of COVID-19 patients per day decreased from five to today between September 29 and October 8. 5 to 6 in the current report. Of the 46 patients hospitalized between July 1 and October 19, 42 – or over 91 percent – were unvaccinated.

Average patient transfer times now vary between 17 minutes and over two days.

In the Coffey Health System, the number of hospitalized COVID patients fell from three between October 3 and October 9 to one between October 10 and 16. Positive tests went from eight to five, while the number of tests went from 88 to 62 each week.

The average number of calls required to transfer patients was 1-2 last week, down from two the previous week. The average transfer time decreased from 2.25 hours to one hour, while the transfer radius decreased from 95 miles to 86 miles.

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