Concern over plan for 41 bed HMO in Brighouse

Part of a planning report which says there is enough parking available to service a 41-bed house of multiple residency in Brighouse has been slammed as “nonsense” by a ward councilor.

When Calderdale Council’s Planning Committee meets on Tuesday, May 31 at Halifax Town Hall, planning officers recommend councilors approve proposals to create the home at Brighouse Youth Center building at Healey Wood Road, Brighouse.

Olive Branch Properties is seeking planning permission to make alterations to the former youth center to create the 41-bed accommodation.

However, objections received about the plans, including those by Rastrick ward councillors, Conservatives Coun Sophie Whittaker and Coun Regan Dickenson, voice concerns about whether there is enough space for the potential number of residents to park their cars.

The report by council officers agrees with a statement submitted for the developer by Acumen Designers and Architects which says it is expected many of the residents will use public transport.

But in her comments Coun Whittaker claims “this is nonsense.”

Coun Whittaker says parking is “a huge problem” on the surrounding streets and this is well documented and fully acknowledged by the council.

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