Company behind gamer bed releases desktop hand massager

Several millennia ago, in March 2020, the gaming world was full of amazement at a product that strikes the hard line between genius and, well, something else. Japanese company Bauhutte has launched a gaming bed that allows users to seamlessly switch from sleeping to gaming without ever having to get up. It’s one of the things I really want to have, but I also think that I should never allow myself to have it.

Bauhutte hand massager inside and outside

(Photo credit: Bauh├╝tte)

Bauhutte’s next innovation that players were too scared to ever ask for is a little different. The Bauhutte handheld massager discovered by Gizmodo was designed to sit on a gamer desk and be ready, as the name suggests. The device looks like a UV light machine for applying certain nail polishes, but with a black gamer flair.

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