Colorado may transfer patients to rural hospitals as city bed capacity shrinks

After the Colorado hospital transfer system is raised to Level 3, the highest level, patients can be moved from any hospital in the state without their consent. 9 messages reported on November 8th.

As of November 7, Colorado had 93 percent of acute beds occupied, with 777 of the state’s 8,728 beds open. Many of these available beds are in rural communities, which the article says will allow for more frequent transfers from metropolitan areas to rural areas.

Those transferred are usually people who are expected to be released in a few days.

“That way, we can make sure we’re using all of the available beds, and many of them can be in our rural hospitals,” said Cara Welch of the Colorado Hospital Association. “We are looking at what patients are in our larger hospitals who may only need a few days before they can be discharged. They are recovering well, but they are not quite ready to leave the hospital. How can we move these? Patients out and free up resources in the larger hospital? “


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