Cmhos Asked To Inspect Pvt Hospitals To Tally Bed Numbers | Indore News

Indore: State health authorities have directed CMHO‘s to conduct regular inspections of private hospitals associated with nursing colleges after finding differences in records of health department and nursing council database.
In an order, Additional Chief Secretary Mohammed Suleman stated that there was a difference in beds in private hospitals associated with nursing colleges in records with the nursing council and health department.
Detailing about it ACS Suleman wrote that it might be the case that these hospitals had applied with some other numbers of beds with the nursing council for getting affiliated to nursing college and then changing the beds figures after being affiliated.
The changes in beds number could be done only after inspection by CMHO, who is supervising authority and his approval in any of the private hospitals as per Nursing Home establishment act, wrote ACS Suleman.
The CMHO’s are directed for continuous inspection and monitoring of bed numbers in private hospitals in the district with the records. The changes in the number of beds should be only done after inspection by CMHO and his/her approval through established procedure, ACS Suleman ordered in letter.
The order was issued after it was found that a private nursing college was running in two rooms of a stable. The matter kick started a controversy putting a question mark over the process of giving affiliation to a nursing college around a couple of weeks back.
The nursing college in the district was running with fake faculty members shown on records for getting affiliation. ACS Suleman also ordered CMHO’s to match records of doctors, patients register and other things specified in procedure. TNN


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