City To Have 28-bed Smart Mobile Shelter Home | Kanpur News

Kanpur: JCI Kanpur Industrial Club and Kanpur Smart City jointly presented a 28-bed smart mobile shelter home to Kanpur Nagar on Monday.
Divisional Commissioner Raj Shekhar inaugurated the mobile smart shelter home in presence of municipal commissioner Shiv Sharanappa on Monday.
The unit, based on the Indore model, will protect the poor/destitute from the weather hazards.
While its outer cover is made of metal, the inside has been developed using PVC due to which people will neither feel too hot nor too cold in the changing season.
This smart shelter home will be portable and could be shifted to any other place as and when required.
It is energy efficient and equipped with LED lights. Around 24 people will be able to stay at a time in this shelter home.
Presently it has facilities like charging points, ventilation and fans etc.
Toilets will be developed in future. It has been prepared with an amount of about Rs. 10 lakh.


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