Chris Pratt says Instagram criticism made him go to bed “depressed”

Chris Pratt said the backlash on social media left him “excited” and “depressed” to bed after complimenting his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger.

the Guardian of the Galaxy The actor was criticized after he shared a post on Instagram in which he thanked Schwarzenegger for giving him a “healthy” daughter, which many saw as an insult to his ex-wife Anna Faris.

Faris and Pratt also have a son, Jack, who was born prematurely and has suffered from a number of health problems throughout his life.

In a now-deleted post, Pratt returned to Instagram to address the backlash in which many had described the actor as “passively aggressive” towards Faris. “I went to bed really upset and depressed last night and I woke up feeling shitty and didn’t want to exercise,” he wrote (per The independent one).

“I knew I would feel better if I put my Christian music playlist on and came out of the woods and ran, but I just didn’t want to and I did it anyway and my goodness I was right. It felt amazing. I came out of the forest, my blood was pumping.

“I don’t get emotional that often, but in the forest I actually got emotional. It felt like someone else was standing next to me in the fire. “

The post went on and urged its followers to listen to Christian music when they felt down. “If you’re feeling down today, maybe do some exercise and maybe listen to good worship music or hear the Word because it really helped me this morning.”

Elsewhere, Pratt was recently confirmed as Garfield in a new animated film about the title cat.

The script for Garfield is by David Reynolds (Find Nemo) and the film is directed by Mark Dindal (Chicken small). The couple previously worked together on The emperor’s new groove.

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