Chinese Man Attempts to Cross Waterfall Despite Warning, Ends Up on Bed of Rocks

Warning signs are placed at accident-prone areas to avoid mishaps but sometimes, thrill-seekers choose to ignore them. A man in China learned to always follow these warning signs the hard way after his stunt went horribly wrong. He attempted to cross a waterfall but failed after slipping down and hitting a pool of rocks.

The incident was captured in a video that was later shared on Twitter by news publication South China Morning Post. The man can be seen running across the presumably slippery rocks at the top of a waterfall. The clip shows him almost reaching the other side before he loses balance and suddenly slips.

With a stream of water flowing down the fall, the man ends up sliding down with significant speed. “He’s falling down! oh my goodness!” a person is heard saying in the video. However, as no railing or guard rail was present at the waterfall, the man continues to slide and hits a bed of rock at the bottom.

His friends, who were present at the scene, are seen rushing to check on the man after the mishap. According to a report in CGTN, the incident took place in the Anqing City of east China. The man was attempting to pull off the audacious stunt at a waterfall in Susong County’s Jiujinggou spot.

As per local media, people are prohibited from entering the waterfall area and warning signs are also placed at the site. But still, the man not only ignored the warning and went to the stop but also attempted the stunt. Luckily, he did not sustain severe injuries and just suffered some scratches on his body, as per the South China Morning Post.

Soon after being shared, the clip went viral and amassed more than seven thousand views on Twitter. It also prompted people to highlight the ignorance of the man who tried to show off despite the warning.

This user joked that this may be one of the reasons that “men die younger.”

why men die younger

— Miguel Ladao (@tekksmart_ed) May 19, 2022

Another one said that the man deliberately wanted to challenge the warning.

Have you ever ignored a warning and instantly learned a lesson like this man?

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