Chevy Suburban Morphs as 2022 Avalanche, Stylishly Uses Bed and Plastic Cladding

Given the success of reborn models like Ford’s Bronco and the general love of crossovers, SUVs and trucks, would it be outrageous to envision another return? Of course not, especially not when it comes to the cool Chevy Avalanche.

General Motors seems to be fully focused on its current line-up and what’s coming EV Revolution, so fans have cried to the moon and back over a potential K5 blazer revival in vain. But as for YouTube’s Brian Mello, that SUV isn’t the only legendary nameplate that’s making the rounds of a possible return rumor mill.

Right now, it’s everyone’s guess whether or not GM can approve of something with a bed to join the twelfth generation Chevy Suburban (and its GMC Yukon XL / Caddy Escalade / ESV platform siblings). But of course, the Detroit automaker’s lovers would probably love to see Chevy’s Avalanche nameplate make a modern return.

After all, with Silverado’s tips and tricks on board, especially the multi-flex tailgate – a revived Chevrolet Avalanche could prove to be “Swiss Army Knife from Pickups.“Well, that remains to be seen if it ever works out. But thanks to a collaboration with Oscar Vargas (aka wb.artist20 on social media), we can at least imagine its potential appearance.

Stylish, of course, based on the high-end Chevy Suburban High Country. And don’t just flaunt a bed and call it a day. But also by completely taking over the announced plastic bodywork and the strong, wider fender flared design of the original Chevy Avalanche. Sure enough, those flush door handles are a nice touch and one that bodes well for the overall flagship look – a cool way to make sure everyone knows this isn’t just a Silverado impersonator.

It may or may not be wishful thinking, but there seems to be a consensus on the initial “would you buy one“The riddle is that everyone wants one. However, they are not sure whether or not they could afford one.

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