Charli XCX Shares Selfie From Hospital Bed, Reveals She Underwent Surgical Procedure

Charlie XCX is recovering from a surgical procedure at the hospital.

The 30-year-old “Break the Rules” pop star took to social media on Thursday (January 5) to share a selfie from her hospital bed. In the pic, she has a blood pressure cuff wrapped around her arm and a sensor on her face.

She revealed how she ended up in the bed in the accompanying caption.

Click inside to find out why Charli XCX is in the hopsital…

Charlie confirmed that she got her wisdom teeth seemingly removed, which led to her stint in the hospital.

“All my wisdom has gone,” she wrote. “Dumb and inexplicable decisions only from now on.”

The singer appears to have some gauze stuffed in her mouth, likely to help with any bleeding from the procedure.

We hope that she recovers quickly and is feeling better in no time!

Did you know that Charlie has a very exciting project in the works with a famous comedian?

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