Cat Refuses to Give Up Bed To Angry Doberman In Hilarious Video

A cat has been applauded for its steadfast refusal to vacate a bed belonging to its owner’s pet doberman.

Footage of Kodak the cat clinging on as Sunny the doberman attempts to shake him from her sleeping place was shared to TikTok by their owner Amanda Hope, posting under the handle amandaplease606.

The video has already been viewed over 23 million times with many cheering on Kodak’s defiance in the face of a much larger fellow pet.

It may not come as much of a surprise to many to see a cat and dog at odds with one another, but one study suggests that, more often than not, the two can live happily alongside each other.

A study published in the journal PLoF ONE saw 1,270 pet owners in Italy who owned at least one cat and one dog quizzed on how they coexist.

The results showed that many did not fight like cats and dogs. In fact, 64 percent of respondents said their pets sometimes played together, while 58 percent said they were known to sleep next to each other.

More surprisingly still, 11 percent said their cats and dogs slept side-by-side every night. The idea of ​​cats and dogs living in harmony together sounds idyllic in theory but, as Hope’s video shows, in practice it can prove to be anything but plain sailing.

Sunny certainly appears far from happy at Kodak for invading her personal space and Hope, for her part, appears to have sided firmly with Sunny on this occasion.

A doberman and a sleeping cat.
This combined images shows a doberman and a sleeping cat. Footage of a feline refusing to budge from a doberman’s bed has delighted viewers online.
Wirestock/Olya Solodenko/Getty

Writing alongside the clip, she explained that Sunny was “fed up” with Kodak going on her bed and while her barks may have appeared intimidating she assured viewers her cat “is not scared of any dog.”

The cat’s refusal to budget was a source of considerable mirth on social media, with pet fans flooding the comments section of the video to have their say on the running battle.

JMurduca said, “Only a cat would casually groom themselves while looking down the barrel of a Doberman,” while _ttasia_ loved the way Kodak appeared as if he was “riding that bed like a mechanical bull.”

TabTok was similarly in awe of “the way the cat kept stopping mid attack to clean themselves like they’re SO unbothered” with Marlene Dunki-Jacobs concluding that the cat “is the physical version of ‘make me.'”

Alalealex15 said, “This cat has read up on squatters rights,” while Eduardo Cabrera noted, “My cat does the same and my dog ​​just lays on top of her now…”

Responding to the comments online, Hope explained that Kodak is her “first black cat” and “definitely the most stubborn” feline she has owned.

A follow-up video confirmed that Kodak did eventually vacate Sunny’s bed.

Unfortunately, by then the doberman had lost interest in reclaiming her sleeping spot, meaning either this pet dispute may rumble on a little longer or the two may have put their differences to one side.

Newsweek has contacted amandaplease606 for comment

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