Casper Dog Bed Review 2022

As a dog mom to a nap-loving and expert cuddler named Digby, my Chiweenie deserves only the best dog bed for doing both. His current sleep situation was due for an upgrade, and the Casper Dog Bed stood out to me during my shopping research for its sleek and sturdy design.

It’s a chic neutral bed that resembles my own Casper mattress, but mini. I combed through reviews to see what people had to say, and the consensus was clear: Thousands of pet parents voted for the quality and design—and their furry friends did too. Convinced, I decided it was time for Digby to have his own Casper dog bed.

Unlike other dog beds I’ve owned in the past, which were no more than standard cushions in comparison, this one comes in multiple parts that need assembling. The Casper dog bed includes a memory foam mattress, four cushions to create a bolster around the sides, and a protective, washable cover that’s easily zipped on and off. The cushions and mattress top are made of a smooth, suede fabric, while the bottom is a black, non-slip material. (Clutch if your dog likes to leap off his throne whenever there’s action in the house.) There’s no faux fur, which I’m happy about it since Digby’s last bed did have fur—and while it was nice and plush in the beginning, it got super matted and dirty over time.

Assembly is incredibly straightforward: I put the bed together in five minutes (alone!) and the result was a teeny version of a luxe Casper mattress with extra padding and protection. The cushions and mattress both arrive fully formed, unlike Casper’s vacuum-sealed adult mattresses which need time to expand and take their shape.

At $139, Casper’s dog bed has a steep price tag, and you’re probably wondering what actually makes it so special beyond the look of it? Well, for starters, it’s designed and engineered with the same technology behind Casper’s best-selling mattresses. There are two layers of orthopedic and memory foam filling made with visco elastic memory foam and polyurethane support foam. “The combination of these two different materials makes the bed extra supportive and pressure relieving while offering extra comfort for your dog’s joints and hips,” Miguelina Moniello, DVM, and founder of Bayshore Veterinary Hospital tells glamour.

The removable cover is made of nylon, polyester, and olefin and is machine washable. “The outside is easy to either vacuum or throw in the washing machine if your dog ever sheds or gets tough stains on it after going outside,” Moniello adds.

Clearly, he loves it.

Digby Navarro


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