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This video shared on Reddit shows how a caring pet cat brings her human a woolen hat on a cold, winter day.

The videos that show pet cats and dogs being just as caring and expressive when it comes to their humans and their well-being, are always a delight to watch. This video that was posted on Reddit, shows exactly that kind of a moment on the part of a cute little pet catto.

The video opens to show a cat entering a room that is mostly dark, on a cold winter day. It is being recorded by her human who is evidently sitting on the bed of this dark room. The adorable cat is seen with something in her mouth. On a closer look, it is observed to be a woolen hat that belongs to her human.

She brings the hat and climbs up on the bed, swiftly. She then places it in front of her human. Her gesture was as if to kindly say, ‘Please wear this, human. It’s cold.’ After doing this, the cat walked over to where her human was sitting. This cute cat video was captioned with, “This actually broke me. It was a cold day and she decided to bring me my winter hat. I can’t handle her cuteness.” The caption was complete with a crying emoji.

Watch the video here:

The super adorable video was posted on the subreddit r/cats around 11 hours ago. So far it has received more than 8,500 upvotes and several comments from cat lovers.

“So cute! Also her cheeks are so cute when she’s holding the hat. Very beautiful baby,” a Redditor commented, followed by a heart-eyed cat emoji. “What a good kitty! Taking care of her cold hooman. Responsible,” complimented another individual. “Human, it’s getting cold! Hurry and put on your head fur,” posted a third, from the point of view of the cat.

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