Caring dog melts viewers’ hearts as she joins owner in doggy bed for a cuddle

The lovable dog Izzy won the hearts of the audience after she cuddled with her owner in her dog bed – one commentator said: “We just don’t deserve dogs”

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TikToker’s dog snuggles up next to him when he’s on her bed

An adorable dog’s reaction to its owner lying in her dog bed melted the hearts of viewers on TikTok.

The thoughtful dog showed her empathy in the clip and didn’t want to leave her owner without someone to cuddle with.

In the clip, Izzy, who is minding her own business and chewing on a bone, notices how her owner slowly approaches her dog bed.

The busy puppy doesn’t care until its owner decides to go to Izzy’s bed.

Her owner sinks slowly on the bed and watches Izzy carefully to see if she reacts.

Izzy’s owner slowly lay down on her dog bed

The video uploaded by TikTok user @jonathan_lee_scholes was recorded by Izzy’s human as an experiment to see what, if anything, the dog would do.

At first she seems unresponsive to the intrusion, continues to chew on her bone, and remains in her own little world.

But Izzy, who was adopted by her owner Jonathan, doesn’t wait long to get up and join him in her dog bed with the bone still hanging out of her mouth.

The dog didn’t seem too bothered at first

The bitch clearly noticed that her owner was feeling a little needy and reacted quickly by laying in his arms.

The couple, who live in the city of Calgary, Canada, enjoy a warm hug together in the little bed in a clip that melted the hearts of everyone who saw it.

Viewers fell in love with the adorable Izzy, with one user commenting, “It’s the best feeling ever! She is ready to share with her best friend !!! Enjoy these special moments. “

But the adorable dog did not leave its owner alone for long and cuddled with him

Another commenter wrote, “The best of all worlds right there. Cuddle, chew and scratch! “

A third added: “It was said over and over, but we just don’t deserve dogs.”

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