Can your dog ride in bed of truck in Texas?

Drivers can keep pets in the car while on roadways in Texas, but is having a pet in the bed of a truck, allowed in Texas? Though there are restrictions that exist for human passengers in the bed of a pickup truck, the state of Texas does not prohibit animals from riding in truck beds.

However, cities in Texas may have laws and restrictions against having dogs in the bed of a pickup truck.

However, cities like Houston and Dallas have laws within the city limits that restrict having pets ride in the bed of a pickup truck. Drivers in other cities and parts of Texas are recommended to look up information in other states and cities where there could be restrictions.

The Texas Police Association details safety tips for pet safety. They also recommend not tying a dog inside the bed of a truck because it could jump out and onto the roadway. In Texas, if a person transports or confines an animal in a cruel manner, that could potentially cause the animal’s pain or suffering, they are breaking the law.

Dallas for example, can potentially criminalize the driver for unsecured transportation of animals. In any case, the American Veterinary Medical Association recommends that pets be secured either by a kennel in the truck bed or by a harness inside the cab.

If your dog must ride in the bed of a truck outside of cities where it is restricted, The Texas Police Association suggests putting a pet inside a crate that will give it some protection from wind, weather and at risk of jumping out. Tie the crate, not the dog, securely to the walls of the truck bed, so it cannot slide about or be tossed out of the truck.

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