Can Eating A Snack Before Bed Help You Sleep Better?

dr Scott Beyer, a chiropractic neurologist based in Illinois, made headlines after sharing a controversial sleep hack on his TikTok channel. His advice for those who wake in the middle of the night and have trouble falling back asleep is to “actually eat very close to bed.” Ideally, he says, you should snack on high-fat and high-protein foods before heading to sleep and then eat again first thing in the morning.

According to Dr. Beyer, the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline might be to blame for disrupted sleep. In normal circumstances, cortisol regulates the stress response, blood sugar, blood pressure, and other biological processes, explains the Cleveland Clinic.

Its levels increase throughout the night, and reach their peak in the morning, says Dr. beer However, prolonged stress can sometimes affect cortisol secretion, causing the body to release adrenaline instead, a hormone that stimulates the central nervous system.

Based on this premise, Dr. Beyer states that eating late at night and early in the morning for a couple of weeks can “take a load off of the demand for blood sugar regulation”, leading to better sleep. Protein and dietary fat are particularly beneficial, he says.

The above recommendations make sense in theory, but things are not that simple. Here’s why.

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