Camila Cabello and Camilo turn on YouTube in a bed that goes on an “Ambulance”

The Colombian camilo and the Cuban artist camila cabello They are exploiting YouTube with the new video clip called “Ambulance”. There and in a very suggestive way, they are seen on a bed that in turn goes on the roof of an ambulance. Meanwhile, they show themselves half-dressed and narrate the story of a passionate love. Of course, the fans they each have have set social media on fire with comments.

“I love you”, “I must confess that the best duet is Evaluna and Camilo but this with camila cabello stole my heart”, “Make another song together please”, “Camilo have Camila as a guest at all your concerts please”, “The best, the best song and the best is the bed above the ambulance“, are parts of the compliments that can be read to this new musical society formed by two of the most prominent singers in the Latin music industry.

But not only there. Let’s remember that Camilo as Camila Cabello have been nominated for a Grammy. Apart from him having 5 Latin Grammys to his credit. “ambulance” belongs to the third disc of the Colombian “From Inside to Outside”. In addition, the video clip was directed by the artist’s own wife and daughter of Ricardo Montaner, Evaluna Montaner.

The first time that Camila and Camilo performed the song “Ambulancia” was at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. However, since the song was released and up to the time of closing this note, the song has accumulated almost 12 million reproductions on Spotify.

the disk of camilo It reaches almost a billion and a half reproductions and that has earned it the Grammy nomination for the category of Best Latin Pop Album. Despite his success, the interpreter of “Indigo” y”glued” He throws flowers to his wife and assures that she is a fundamental part of his success.

Evaluna filmed the music video on top of a real ambulance and I’m so proud of how she came together: It’s one of my favorite music videos we’ve ever done. I’m so excited that we can finally share it with La Tribu,” he said. camilo.

This isn’t the first time the singer-songwriter has collaborated with famous artists. In the past he teamed up talent with Myke Towers, firmgroup,Nicky Nicole, Alejandro Sanzand even her own Evaluna Montaner.

He has also been one of the Latin artists invited to the show of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and has a documentary on HBO called Camilo: The First Tour of My Life. In this 2023, Camilo will continue his From Andentro Pa’ Afuera Tour in Latin America.

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