Calicut University’s BEd centres lose NCTE recognition- The New Indian Express

from Express message service

MALAPPURAM: The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) has revoked the recognition of the 11 teacher training centers operated by Calicut University for failing to comply with their regulations.

The NCTE officially announced the decision recently by letter to the registrar of the university. This will affect the future of hundreds of students admitted to the BEd course at these centers for the academic year 2021-22.

The council found that the university had failed to comply with its rules despite repeated notifications. “Whenever NCTE raised problems and made suggestions to improve facilities, the university centers relied on filing legal proceedings. They have never tried to comply with regulations or improve the facilities in the centers, ”the NCTC wrote.

While academics said the cancellation showed the university’s lazy demeanor, authorities said they would appeal to the NCTE to restore recognition. “The information needed to reinstate the credit will be submitted to the NCTE by next week. Therefore, the students do not have to worry about the NCTE decision, ”said a press release from the university.

Contrary to the NCTE, the university said that 10 of the 11 teacher training centers operate in the university’s buildings. “The rest would soon be relocated to a separate building,” it said.


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