Burnley bed sits recommended despite fears plan would damage area

PLANNERS have recommended the approval for the conversion of a ‘derelict’ corner house into bedsits despite the local councillors fear it would damage the area.

Burnley Council’s development control committee will on Wednesday next week debate Mr J Raybould’s scheme to turn 16 Tarleton Street in Burnley Wood into a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO).

The three-bedroomed property of ‘unusual’ design is earmarked to become four double bedsits.

A planning officer’s report urges the committee to approve the scheme with four conditions.

However two local residents have objected on grounds including the house would be better as a family home; parking and road safety; and the potential for increased noise and disturbance.

The concerns have been backed up by Rosehill with Burnley Wood ward’s Cllr Jeff Sumner who tells planners in a letter: “The area has a good community base with residents who look after the elderly members of this close community.

“The property in question is a former large stone-built family home, a property that would suit one of the large number of families presently under threat of no fault eviction.

“I don’t believe turning this property into HMO with more than six rooms would enhance the family and community feeling in the area.

“A substantial HMO in the area would in my opinion be detrimental to the area.”

The planning officer’s report says: “The property is a corner plot three bedroom, two-storey stone and blue slate house of traditional construction but unusual layout in an established residential area.

“The property is within Burnley Wood Conservation Area

“No external alterations are proposed other than bin storage in the yard.

“The only internal alteration of any relevance is creation of a shower room to allow use of the existing ground floor living room as an additional bedroom.

“The property will have four bedrooms in total and it is assumed they are to be treated as double bedrooms.

“HMOs make a contribution to the private rented sector by catering for the housing needs of specific groups/households and by making a contribution to the overall provision of affordable stock.

“The application site is considered to be in a sustainable location.

“The proposed change of use from a three bedroom dwelling to a four bedroom HMO with capacity for in excess of six occupants is very likely to lead to a material change in the density of occupation of the building.

“This will almost certainly result in increased footfall and vehicular activity.

“This would impact upon the character of the area, albeit in a minor and non-harmful manner.”

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