BTS: When V asked Wooga Squad to sleep together in one room and they were ‘taken aback’

BTS singer V has a close bond with Choi Woo-shik, Park Seo-joon, Park Hyung-sik and Peakboy. They affectionately call themselves Wooga Squad. For the past few years the group has been talking about their love for one another.

On one such occasion, Park Hyung-sik revealed how BTS Member V invited the Wooga Squad for an overnight stay and asked everyone to sleep in the same room together.

As translated by Koreaboo, Park Hyung-sik told Sports Seoul in 2019, “(Wooga Squad) met once at V’s house. He must have liked us because he told us all to sleep in a room and go home the next morning. ”

“There was only one bed in the room so we were all surprised, but I said yes and that made everyone else say yes too. Since he’s busy with his schedules, it’s really hard for us to meet so we made the effort. The next morning he went to work at 4am, ”he added.

BTS member V, Park Hyung-sik, and Park Seo-joon became friends on the sets of their K-drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, which was released in 2016. Finally, Park Seo-joon introduced the duo to his other friends, Choi. before Woo-sik and Peakboy.

The Wooga Squad met earlier this year to celebrate Choi Woo-sik’s 10th anniversary as an actor. They had joined his tactful fan meeting A Midsummer Night’s Dream and talked about their friendship, among other things. They were also featured in Peakboy’s music video Gyopo Hairstyle this year.

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Meanwhile, Park Hyung-sik made his K-drama comeback with Happiness last week. The drama, which is his first show since his discharge from the military, also stars Han Hyo-joo.

BTS singer V, on the other hand, is preparing for her first personal concert in Los Angeles together with the other members of BTS. The event will take place this month.


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