Brussels Griffon’s ‘Mad’ Reaction to Owner Getting Out of Bed Is Just Priceless

TBH, we all feel this way in the morning.

No one likes to end a cuddle session. The best feeling is being wrapped up in warm blankets while laying in bed, especially when your pet joins in on the cuddles. In fact, one pup was having such a good time cuddling that when his owner got out of bed, he was visibly displeased.

TikTok user @plutogriffon recently shared a video of their Bussels Griffon named Pluto and the hilarious face he made when his owner got out of bed in the morning. This pup just couldn’t believe what was happening! Check out the video to see Pluto’s priceless reaction to the end of their morning cuddles.

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LOL Pluto is too funny! There’s no question what the look on his pup’s face meant—he desperately did not want cuddle time to end. We can’t blame him, we love cuddles with our pets too!

People in the comments said Pluto’s look made them feel like they’d done something wrong! @shepersistent said, “Show me something that makes you feel guiltier. You can’t,” and @faerynarcher commented, “I didn’t even do anything and I feel guilty.” Pluto has a very powerful frown to make his owner think twice before getting out of bed next time!

Others thought this look was both funny and adorable at the same time. @shojo_aie commented, “The Resting Disappointment face is killing me! Why is it so cute?” and @bridgetybridge1 said, “The look on his face is funny! He’s tired of everyone’s nonsense and he’s letting ya’ll know!” Pluto has had enough with this silly behavior. He wants his mom to stop getting out of bed in the morning!

We just can’t stop laughing about the funny look on Pluto’s face. We think his mom is going to have to make it up to him later with some extra cuddles and perhaps a few treats as well. He deserves it!

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