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This video that was shared on Instagram by Good News Correspondent, shows how two brothers reunite at their mother’s hospital bed, after years.

There are several videos on the internet that show the reunion between family members. Just like this one video that has been shared on Instagram by the page named Good News Correspondent. There is a chance that this emotional video of a reunion between two brothers will make you say ‘aww’ and appreciate your family as well.

“Brothers who hadn’t seen or spoken to each other, reunite and mend their relationship at their mother’s hospital bedside. The older sibling surprised the family, especially his younger brother as it also happened to be the younger brother’s birthday,” reads the caption that this wholesome video was shared on Instagram with.

The video also comes with a small write up that helps one understand the importance of the present moment. It reads, “Don’t wait until your last days to do anything. Forgive today. Show up for your loved ones today. Hug, kiss, express your care for others TODAY. Life is too short to leave anything for tomorrow. Happy Birthday Dad.”

Watch the video right here:

The video has been posted on Instagram a bit longer than 10 hours ago. Since then, it has received more than 7,000 views from people who couldn’t stop admiring this beautiful reunion between the two brothers.

What are your thoughts on this video by Good News Correspondent? Did it make you emotional as well?

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