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Amelie Osborn-Smith spoke from her bed at Medland Hospital in Zambia after she was bitten by a crocodile Tuesday while whitewater rafting in the Zambezi

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Zambia: Teen speaks from hospital bed after crocodile attack

A British teenager ravaged by a crocodile suffers from “constant flashbacks and terrible dreams”.

Amelie Osborn-Smith, 18, was on a white water rafting trip in Zambia when a large crocodile attacked her in the Zambezi on Tuesday.

The horrific attack came shortly after the guides finished the tour for lunch on a “quiet stretch between rapids” and left her hanging on her feet.

Fortunately, despite fears that the limb would have to be amputated, the doctors managed to save it.

Now Amelie has spoken about the traumatic encounter from her bed in Medland Hospital.

Amelie Osborn-Smith described the effects of the attack on her


Sky news)

“You don’t really think about in this situation, people say you see your life flash before your eyes, but you don’t, you just think how to get out of this situation,” she told a doctor in a video that was shared on the hospital’s Facebook page.

“Your brain is in full swing.”

She added, “I was very, very lucky.”

When asked what she would say to other young people who may be worried about embarking on an adventure, Amelie said, “Don’t be put off because it doesn’t happen often.

“I was very lucky, but I saw that your life can be over so quickly. If you want to live in such a way that you will regret everything, you will not have a full life.

Amelie praised her grandparents for staying by her side



“Do it while you can. Don’t let an incident hold you back.

“When the accident happened I accepted the fact that I was going to lose my foot and I told my friends that I was going to lose my foot, but it’s okay because I’m alive.

“When I found out about it, I was so relieved.”

Amelie was asked if she had a message for her grandparents, who had been by her side since the crocodile encounter.

The 18-year-old was due to be flown back to the UK on Saturday

“I don’t know many other grandparents who would sleep on a fold-out chair on a hospital floor,” she said.

Amelie’s grandma thanked the hospital staff for letting her stay, especially since the teenager had suffered from “those constant flashbacks and those terrible dreams”.

Earlier this week, Amelia’s proud father and former Army major, Brent, 60, shared how she “fought back with great courage and refused to submit or be subjugated” as the beast attempted its infamous “death roll” transform.

Recalling his daughter’s close call, he said, “You were encouraged by the guides to take a quick dive over the page to cool off.

“This area was considered safe.”

Everything was fine and clear when the group fell into the water downstream from Victoria Falls.

But when they returned to the boat, the crocodile chewed on Amelie’s leg.

“When she returned to the boat, Amelie was bitten in the leg by a large crocodile that was trying to pull her into a characteristic death role to tame its prey,” Brent told The Sun.

“Amelie fought with great courage and refused to submit or allow herself to be submitted.”

While Amelie struggled desperately to stay away from the deadly turn of the crocodile, her guide and other rafters rushed to the rescue and struck the reptile with devastating blows with their fists.

Brent added that the “quick thinking and acting” of the others on the boat “blocked” the animal’s attack and allowed them to quickly get Amelie out of the water.

She said she was lucky to have kept her foot

But Amelie was doing badly, with a torn lower leg, a dislocated hip and her “right foot was hanging loose”.

The team was able to provide “effective” first aid and curb blood loss, said Brent.

Despite the horror of the incident, Amelie remained “calm and collected” and shocked the crew because she “didn’t even shed a tear”.

The guides and rafters kept the “very hot sun” off her and kept her conscious while a helicopter fell to evacuate her from the river.

Pilots took the 18-year-old to a relief post in a nearby town before she was taken on a 240-mile journey to Zambia’s capital, Lusaka, where she had multiple surgeries that saved her right foot.

Amelie had to undergo several operations after the attack

And after the operation, one of the paramedics sent Brent a message saying, “You have a damn brave girl over there, sir.”

Amelie was supposed to fly to Great Britain yesterday for further treatment in London.

The 18-year-old “remains traumatized and heavily sedated,” said her father.

Brent hopes the family will learn more about Amelie’s progress in the coming days.

He added, “We are humble and deeply grateful for the courage and professionalism of everyone involved in Amelie’s life-saving rescue and her subsequent care and treatment.

“Amelie is a fit, intelligent, courageous and conscientious person who is very grateful to be alive and to be looked after so well by everyone who was involved in her rescue.”

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