Brampton driver sheets the bed, endangers other motorists

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However, the solid yellow line between creativity and stupidity was crossed on November 11th when a 25-year-old Brampton driver was caught transporting two mattresses on a current generation Hyundai Elantra. The mattresses were “secured” with a fitted sheet while driving on Mayfield Road, east of Highway 410. In their best Christmas impression of Harry Dunne and Lloyd, the passenger and driver’s passenger held both ends of the sheet to keep the mattresses from flying out of the way.

The OPP officer instructed her to remove the mattress and make other arrangements. In a phone call that should have been made prior to that ridiculous decision, the driver had a friend show up in a van to take the mattresses for the rest of the way.

It is evident that common sense slept that day, and as the saying goes, “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

I wonder how many proper lashing straps and ropes are available for $ 160 …

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