Bob Saget death: Actor was found in bed by hotel security after his family was unable to get a hold of him

Actor and comedian Bob Saget, Who died Sunday At the age of 65, he was discovered in the bed of his Orlando hotel room after his family said they had not heard from him, according to an incident report released Monday by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. The chief doctor said an autopsy was performed on Monday, but the cause of death has not yet been clarified.

The sheriff’s office arrived at his hotel room in the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes just after 4 p.m. on Sunday and found Saget lying on his back in bed. “His left arm was across his chest while his right arm was resting on the bed. No signs of trauma were found,” the incident report said.

Saget was pronounced dead at 4:18 p.m. There were no immediate signs of foul play or drug use, the report said. The coroner said it could take 10 to 12 weeks before additional studies and tests are done to determine the cause and type of death.

The sheriff’s office said the room was neat, with Saget’s things on his bedside table and TV stand, in the closet, and in the bathroom.

Earlier, a member of the hotel’s security team walked into Saget’s room after his family said they hadn’t heard from him, according to the report. Saget was supposed to check out of his room that day. The security guard informed the sheriff’s office that the lights were out when he entered the room. He went into the bedroom, where he said he found Saget in bed, “cold to the touch” and called 911.

While authorities were working on the scene, hotel management contacted Saget’s wife, Kelly Rizzo, to inform her of his death, the report said.

Comedian, actor Bob Saget found dead at 65


Saget had performed at Ponte Vedra Beach the night before and posted about the experience on his social media accounts early Sunday morning.

“Little did I know I was doing a 2 hour set tonight,” he said tweeted. “I’m happily hooked on that shit again.”

He’s just embarked on a stand-up comedy tour, with his next show scheduled for January 28th in West Palm Beach.

In the hours after his death was announced, his fans did friends and former co-stars expressed their despair. Several of Saget’s “Full House” co-stars posted the same photo and statement on their Instagram pages Monday afternoon.

“Thirty-five years ago we got together as a television family, but we became a real family. And now we mourn as a family. Bob made us laugh until we cried. Now our tears flow in sadness, but also with gratitude for all the wonderful memories of our sweet, kind, hilarious, esteemed Bob. He was a brother to us boys, a father to us girls, and a friend to us all. Bob, we love you with all our hearts. We ask for Bob’s credit, hug the people you love. Nobody hugged better than Bob. ~ John, Dave, Candace, Jodie, Lori, Andrea, Scott, Jeff, Ashley and Mary-Kate “

Saget had a career spanning decades. In 1987 he got a lead role on the ABC sitcom “Full House”, which ran for eight seasons. He had his big break while working as a warm-up comic for the TV show “Bosom Buddies” thanks to producer Jeff Franklin, who later created “Full House”. He also hosted America’s Funniest Home Videos, narrated all nine seasons of the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, and made the occasional appearance on Netflix’s “Full House” reboot, Fuller House.

In addition to acting, Saget was also a successful comedian. His standup act was full of harsh language and sexual humor, which contrasted sharply with the family-friendly image he projected on the sitcom that made him a household name.

“People were surprised. I was playing in a casino up there in Vancouver one evening and there was a lady who just started walking, ”he said in 2017.“ But most of the time I always adapt to the audience like a chameleon. I’m not deliberately saying, ‘I get crazy here’ if they don’t like it, you know. I want to laugh. ”

Jordan Freiman contributed to the coverage.


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