Birmingham Community Healthcare uses ‘test bed’ approach with new EPR

The Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has put an electronic patient record live in one of its wards as part of a “test bed” introduction.

Station 5 of Moseley Hall Hospital is the first inpatient facility to test the new electronic system for recording and accessing patient data within the trust. Thanks to the introduction of the electronic patient record (EPR), Station 5 will meet the Trust’s ambitions for “paper-light” stations.

Drug management will now be the only paper-based record-keeping system. That is set to change over the next year, however, as the Trust’s electronic prescription and drug management system launches in 2022.

Ward 5-based clinical staff will work with digital technology services and the Trust’s Information Governance team to refine EPR prior to implementation in all of Birmingham Community Healthcare’s inpatient areas.

Ben Richards, Head of Adult and Specialized Rehabilitation, said: “We are very pleased that we have finally introduced the electronic health record in Ward 5. The way to this stage was the result of the really good dedication of all the nurses, doctors and therapists and other members of the inpatient teams who worked really hard in collaboration with the colleagues who take care of the technical and administrative side.

“We have come a big step closer to our mission of ensuring that the right information from the right doctor is always available at the right time at the point of care.”

The EPR is provided by RiO and is a key element of the long-planned introduction of Shared Care Records for Birmingham and Solihull. Development plans are also in the pipeline for the EPR system. In the future, it should be accessible both in the community environment and for patients and their relatives via a patient portal.

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