Best raised garden bed with cover

Which raised garden bed with cover is best?

Raised garden beds with covers are an excellent way to make gardening more comfortable and decrease the likelihood of your plants dying. These covered beds come in all shapes and sizes to fit whatever plants you plan on growing. Purchasing a raised garden bed and cover together saves money and saves you the hassle of trying to find a matching cover for a separate bed.

The best raised garden bed with a cover is the Palram Plant Inn Raised Garden Bed with Cover. It’s high enough to use while standing and includes a huge, protected storage area underneath.

What to know before you buy a raised garden bed with cover

the bed

Between the raised garden bed and a cover, the garden bed is the more important of the two. There are a few aspects to consider.

  • Dimension: You’ll want a garden bed with enough width, length and depth to plant everything you intend to grow. Some plants require equal depth to height, while others are tall due to wide roots and don’t need as much depth.
  • Material: Gardening companies usually make garden beds out of plastic, fabric, metal or wood. Plastic is low cost but offers less durability. Fabric is even cheaper and lower quality, but it may be a good choice for those who don’t have a yard. Metal is the most durable but doesn’t have the best aesthetics. Wood is the most aesthetically pleasing and durable option. Keep in mind different types of wood have different levels of durability.

The covers

Most garden bed covers are sheets of thin, soft plastic. Some bigger beds may need thick, hard plastic instead. Thin sheets of plastic are the more affordable option. Most of these sheets have zip-open windows that fold up for easy access to the bed. Thick, hard plastic covers usually have hinges or slide open and closed.

Regardless of the material, the function is always the same: to provide protection from inhospitable weather, hungry animals and pesky insects. Many covers also offer a greenhouse effect to keep plants warm. Pay close attention to this aspect as some plants may or may not need this feature.

What to look for in a quality raised garden bed with cover


Most raised garden beds with covers require some assembly and may require additional tools. A few of the smaller beds ship whole, but setting up the cover is still likely to require some assembly.

Self watering

Some raised garden beds have automatic watering systems that keep your plants hydrated. Simply fill the water tank and let it work. These functions are perfect for gardeners who travel frequently. It can also benefit inexperienced gardeners by preventing over- and under-watering.


If you plan on repositioning your raised garden beds for aesthetic reasons or changing seasons, pick a bed with wheels. Once you’ve filled a nonwheeled bed with soil and plant life, you won’t be able to move it.

How much you can expect to spend on a raised garden bed with cover

Raised garden beds with covers are more expensive than those without. At a minimum, they cost $100, though most cost $200-$300. Extra-large beds may cost up to $500.

Raised garden bed with cover FAQ

Should I buy a raised garden bed with cover or buy the cover later?

A You don’t have to buy the bed and cover together, but it can be difficult to find a cover to match your bed after the fact. Plus, most included covers aren’t an optional extra; they’re specially designed for that bed. You could also build your own cover if you have the grit, tools and know-how.

Where should I place a raised garden bed with cover?

A There aren’t many restrictions on where you can place your new garden bed. The bare minimum is a location with plenty of direct sunlight, preferably six hours worth throughout the day. Other than this, feel free to place it based on your preferences.

What kind of plants should I put in a raised garden bed with cover?

A Whatever you’d like! Raised garden beds are capable of growing almost anything. If you’ve never gardened before, start small by planting some of your favorite flowers. Once you feel more comfortable with gardening, try planting fruits and vegetables.

What’s the best raised garden bed with cover to buy?

Top raised garden bed with cover

Palram Plant Inn Raised Garden Bed With Cover

Palram Plant Inn Raised Garden Bed with Cover

What you need to know: This is a perfect gardening bed for the serious gardener.

What you’ll love: The bed is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum with plenty of storage space underneath. The cover is clear polycarbonate with sliding panels and four ventilation options. It’s 58.5 inches high and 46 inches wide and deep. It has built-in hoses for internal drainage.

What you should consider: This option is a bit expensive and takes up a lot of room. Some consumers had difficulty assembling it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Top raised garden bed with cover for the money

Quictent Raised Garden Bed With Greenhouse Windows

Quictent Raised Garden Bed with Greenhouse Windows

What you need to know: This budget garden bed pick is excellent for first-timers who need a cover for their plants.

What you’ll love: The bed comes in two lengths: 4 feet and 6 feet. It’s 1 foot high and 3 feet wide. It’s made of galvanized steel, and the cover can be either clear or green. The cover has zipper openings on either side which you can roll up and secure out of the way.

What you should consider: The cover is thin and may not survive harsh winter conditions, such as heavy winds.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

CedarCraft Elevated Cedar Planter With Greenhouse Cover

CedarCraft Elevated Cedar Planter with Greenhouse Cover

What you need to know: This is one of the more aesthetically pleasing garden beds with a cover.

What you’ll love: The Canadian Western Red Cedar material is a lovely rustic addition to any garden. Alloy steel beams hold the cover aloft, and it has a convenient dual zipper. The cover applies a greenhouse effect when closed. It’s 2.5 feet tall, 6 feet wide and 2 feet deep.

What you should consider: It’s one of the finest options. Some consumers felt the legs were a little wobbly and unsteady.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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