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Which queen bed skirts are the best?

A bed skirt is an easy way to embellish your bed by hiding your box spring bed and the space under your bed. A bed skirt with the right design can help make the bed look tidier and bring the entire space together.

You want to find a bed skirt that goes with your queen bed and you have options when it comes to style, but one quality choice is the Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Bed Skirt.

What to Know Before Buying a Queen Bed Skirt


Most bed skirts are made from cotton or polyester microfiber, which makes them easy to care for. Linen is another fabric that is used to make high quality bed skirts.

Remember that the material a bed skirt is made of is not as critical as it is for bedsheets, as it will not come in contact with your body. However, many people try to match their bed skirts to the style and material of their bedspread.


There are usually two types of bed skirts, differing in how they attach to the mattress.

  • Whole bed skirt: These bed aprons are more like a sheet and have to be centered between the mattress and the box spring bed so that all sides hang evenly over the edge.
  • Detachable bed skirt: These are usually of a lower quality, but more comfortable as they are attached to the box spring bed with Velcro fasteners so that you don’t have to lift the mattress.

What to Look for in a Quality Queen Bed Skirt


Queen bed frame dimensions are pretty normal, but some beds can be taller than the others. So take into account the size of the fall – the distance between the floor and the top of the box spring. Most bed skirts are 14-16 inches long, but if your bed is higher off the floor, consider opting for a longer bed skirt.


Flat, traditional bed aprons are simple but functional and serve to hide the sub-floor and give your bed a tidier overall appearance. However, there are bed skirts with lace trimmings, pleats, eyelets, and ruffles if you want a more decorative bed skirt.


Similar to bedspreads, bed skirts come in multiple colors to match your current sheet or bedspread. When in doubt, you can hardly go wrong with plain white.

Sometimes bed skirts are part of a sheet set that can make mixing and matching colors easier.

How Much Can You Spend on a Queen Bed Skirt?

Queen bed skirts can range from $ 10 to $ 30 depending on the material, design details, and brand. Budget-friendly options are usually made from microfiber or polyester, while the top of the range comes with special embroidery or design details.

Frequently asked questions about the queen bed skirt

Should my bed skirt touch the floor?

A. Yes sir. A bed skirt should be touching the floor to hide anything you can stow under the bed. Ideally, you want less than 2 inches of space between the floor and the bottom of the bed apron and no more than an inch of the bed apron on the floor.

How do I care for a bed skirt?

A. Vacuum or clean the floor around the bed regularly to prevent buildup or dirt. If the floor is well cared for, you should only wash your bed skirt twice a year. Most bed skirts are machine washable and can be washed in cold water on the gentle cycle, followed by a dryer on the lowest setting. Please note the manufacturer’s instructions, as maintenance may vary depending on the material and design.

Can I use a sheet instead of a bed skirt?

A. It is not recommended as a regular bed sheet would most likely be too short to reach the floor. A bed apron is specially designed to cover the exact distance between the floor and the underside of the bed.

What Are the Best Queen Bed Skirts to Buy?

Top queen bed skirt

Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft bed skirt

Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft bed skirt

What you need to know: This bed skirt is as durable as it is luxurious and hides items under the bed.

What you will love: This bed skirt made of bamboo viscose and micro-brushed fibers gives your bedroom an elegant touch. The lightfast properties ensure that the colors stay bright even after being washed several times.

What you should be aware of: If you have raised beds or a bed high off the floor, this bed skirt may not be long enough.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top queen bed skirt for the money

MEILA wrap skirt for the bed

MEILA wrap skirt for the bed

What you need to know: This sleekly designed, budget-friendly, resilient duvet hides bed frames, box spring beds, and anything else you could stow under the bed.

What you will love: The updated design of this bed skirt features an elastic side and three fabric sides that make it easy to put on and take off. The elegant ruffle design can add charm to any bedroom.

What you should be aware of: This bed skirt does not work with beds with footboards or posts.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Checking out is worth it

Fresh Ideas ruffled eyelet bed skirt duster ruffles

Fresh Ideas ruffled eyelet bed skirt duster ruffles

What you need to know: Beautify your bedroom decor with this beautifully embroidered bed skirt.

What you will love: With this bed skirt, it’s all about the details, because it has continuous ruffles and elegant eyelet embroidery. The microfiber fabric is wrinkle-free and lightfast as well as being pre-shrunk and machine washable for easy washing.

What you should be aware of: Customers have found that the platform fabric is thin.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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