Best California king bed frame

Which California King Bed Frames Are Best?

Anyone who would like to stretch out while sleeping and sleep in pairs and would like to offer enough space for everyone probably already knows that they should opt for a king-size bed. However, even king-size beds may not be long enough for tall people. Fortunately, these people have another option in the King of California. A California king-size bed is not quite as wide as a normal king-size bed, but it is four inches longer.

There are several things to consider when choosing a frame for your California king bed in addition to size. Aesthetics are just as important as the height and any additional features they contain. Some models, such as the Edenbrook Johnson upholstered bed, have drawers and a stylish headboard. You will also find models with under-bed lighting and USB charging ports. At the other end of the spectrum, there are basic frames with no decorative elements or additional functions.

What to Know Before Buying a California King Bed Frame

Types of bed frames

The most popular types of bed frames are box spring, platform, floating, and adjustable.

  • Bed frames for box spring beds have either no slats or slats that are very wide apart. You can get away with this type of construction because the box spring bed is the necessary support for the mattress. Most box spring bed frames are typically low to accommodate the extra height the box spring bed adds.
  • With platform beds, you place the mattress directly on the frame itself. These have wooden slats that are close together, metal gratings or a solid surface to support the mattress. Many people prefer the slatted or trellis constructions as these provide better air circulation for the mattress and can help you stay cooler while sleeping.
  • Floating bed frames are becoming increasingly popular. Technically speaking, they’re platform beds, but they look significantly different due to the recessed legs that make it look like the bed is floating above the floor.
  • Adjustable bed frames have a motorized component that allows you to lift the head or foot section to different inclinations according to your needs. These can help reduce snoring, improve the quality of sleep, and make reading a book or watching TV more comfortable in bed. With adjustable bed frames, you don’t need a box spring bed to support the mattress, as is the case with platform beds.

Mattress compatibility

When choosing a bed frame, it is important to consider the type of mattress used as they are not all cross compatible. For example, you cannot use all spring mattresses with adjustable beds. Some mattresses are only intended for use with box spring beds. This information should be given somewhere in the product details or manual for your mattress.

Components of a bed frame

Basically, a bed frame is simply a support for your mattress. However, there are also bed frames that include a decorative frame around the support, a headboard, and sometimes a footboard.

What to Look for in a Quality California King Bed Frame


When choosing a bed frame that involves more than just supporting the mattress, they come in a variety of styles and construction materials, both of which play a role in its aesthetic. If the bed frame is the first piece of furniture you buy for your room, any style can be opted for. If you already have a dresser, closet, and other furniture in your room, you may want to look for a bed frame with a similar style.


The height of a bed frame generally refers to how high the mattress topper is from the floor. Most commonly this is between 11 and 16 inches. If you are planning a box spring bed, you should opt for a lower bed frame so that the mattress still has a comfortable height to get in and out of. If you are using a thin mattress, opt for a taller frame. There are also height adjustable bed frames that allow you to change the height as needed.


Some bed frames have pull-out drawers under the mattress or small cupboards in the headboard. These are ideal for those who have limited storage space in their room or simply want to add more.

Weight capacity

Each bed frame has a set load-bearing capacity that you shouldn’t exceed to ensure both safety and the maintenance of the frame in good condition. You can find this information in the product details of most bed frames. If it is missing, check with the manufacturer before buying to make sure it suits your needs.

How Much Can You Spend on a California King Bed?

The simplest California king bed frames cost around $ 100. However, you can easily spend well over $ 1,000 on high-end models.

Frequently asked questions about the California King Bed Frame

Do all bed frames need to be assembled?

A. All bed frames require some assembly, but this shouldn’t be too difficult. However, some models are more time consuming than others. You can usually speed up the process by using an electric screw gun.

Is it better to buy the frame or the mattress first?

A. Most people choose to choose the mattress first simply because they are more expensive and it can take longer to find one that offers ideal comfort. If you decide on a bed frame first, you may be limited in what mattresses you can buy.

What are the best California king bed frames?

Top California king size bed frame

Edenbrook Johnson upholstered bed

Edenbrook Johnson upholstered bed

What you need to know: With a channel-tufted headboard and two pull-out underbed drawers, this frame is both practical and stylish.

What you will love: It is available in three neutral colors and comes partially pre-assembled to make assembly a little easier.

What you should be aware of: The drawers can get stuck when opened.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best California king bed frame for the money

Linenspa Modern platform bed

Linenspa Modern platform bed

What you need to know: This bed frame is one of the cheapest models that still has a bit of elegance in its design.

What you will love: It is compatible with different headboards and does not require a box spring bed. Also, the 500 pound weight capacity should be more than enough for most users.

What you should be aware of: It can make noise among restless sleepers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Checking out is worth it

Zinus Gerard synthetic leather padded platform bed frame

Zinus Gerard synthetic leather padded platform bed frame

What you need to know: This faux leather upholstered bed frame goes well with different interior styles and has a subtle style that is flashy without being too flashy.

What you will love: Almost 10 inches of space under the bed offers plenty of storage space, and the closely spaced roller slats not only make it easy to set up, but also provide plenty of support for a mattress.

What you should be aware of: An edge is missing, which means that the mattress shifts over it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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