Best bunk bed with a desk

Which bunk bed with a desk is best?

Bunk beds are an ideal sleeping solution for shared rooms without much space for two beds. Bunk beds with a desk take the space-saving design even further by integrating a work station. Some even have shelves and drawers to give kids extra storage space for their belongings, making them a true all-in-one solution for multiple needs.

When deciding on a bunk bed with a desk, there are several things you should consider to ensure you make the right choice. Aesthetics are important because, as is well known, children can be picky about what their room looks like, as well as the size of the beds. After all, you want your children to have enough space to sleep comfortably.

The Sand & Stable Cavallo Twin Over Full stands out as the first choice because it combines a robust construction with an attractive design and plenty of storage space. It also has stairs instead of a ladder so that every child can easily climb onto the top bunk.

What to Know Before Buying a Bunk Bed with a Desk

What is a bunk bed with a desk?

If you did a quick search for desk bunk beds on Amazon or any other ecommerce website, you will see many results, some of which only have a single loft bed over a desk. t technically bunk beds. Instead, it is loft beds with a desk, which are perfectly suitable pieces of furniture for a sleeper. However, if you want something that two or more people can sleep in, you need a real bunk bed. These are stacked beds, with at least one below and one above.

Bed size

Bunk beds with a desk are usually only available in two sizes: fulls and twins. Many have a full downstairs and a twin upstairs, making them ideal for two children of different ages. The younger child can sleep on the smaller bed at the top and the older child at the bottom. A few are also available with a queen-size bed on the base; Your style choices in these, however, will be much more limited.

Ladder vs. stairs

Bunk beds with a desk are available with a ladder or stairs. Each of these has its own advantages. Ladders take up less space than stairs, especially straight vertical ones, which can be very important in small bedrooms. However, stairs are potentially safer because they are less likely to fall off them. They’re also easier to get on and off for some kids.

Features to look for in a quality bunk bed with a desk


Most people buy bunk beds to save space. Many manufacturers build drawers or shelves somewhere in the bunk bed frame to give your children additional space for their belongings.


In general, bunk beds with desks offer less work space than stand-alone desks. However, some models offer significantly more space to work than others. Pay close attention to the width and length dimensions of the table top and how much headroom it has.

Adjustable ladder placement

Not every room works well with the ladder or stairs on the same side. Perhaps you or your children decide to remodel the room in the future and find that the bed with the ladder or stairs on the opposite side would work better with the new furnishings. If you choose a model with adjustable ladder or stair placement, you can reverse the position as needed.

Weight capacity

Each bunk bed has a weight capacity that must be adhered to for safe use. Often the upper and lower bunk can also have different individual weight capacities. On some models, this can be as little as 200 pounds on each sleeping surface, while others can carry 400 pounds or more.

How much can you spend on a bunk bed with a desk?

Expect to pay at least $ 300 for the cheapest bunk bed and desk and more than $ 2,000 for premium options.

Frequently asked questions about the bunk bed with desk

How much space is required between the bunk bed and the blanket?

A. It is generally recommended that there be a minimum of 33 inches between the mattress and the blanket. This should give anyone who sleeps in bed enough space to sit without worrying about bumping their head in the dark.

Do bunk beds need box spring beds?

A. Most bunk beds do not require box spring beds. Instead, they have closely spaced slats in the frame that give the mattress the necessary support.

Which bunk bed with a desk is best to buy?

Upper bunk bed with desk

Sand & Stall Cavallo Twin Over Full

Sand & Stable Cavallo Twin Over Full

What you need to know: This attractive reversible option can be placed with the desk on either side and has a staircase for easy access to the upper bed.

What you will love: Each step is also a large drawer to give children additional storage space for their belongings. It is also available in different finishes to match a wide variety of decors.

What you should be aware of: Its high price tag can make it out of reach for some consumers.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Top bunk bed with desk for the money

VOGU metal L-shaped bunk bed with loft

VOGU metal L-shaped bunk bed with loft

What you need to know: Even siblings who share a room have often stayed with a friend, and this triple option from VOGU is the perfect model for that.

What you will love: Despite having several sleeping areas and a desk, it is inexpensive. There are also two ladders, one of which is angled to make climbing easier.

What you should be aware of: Some may find the minimalist tubular metal frame lacking in character.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Checking out is worth it

Harriet Bee Ethaniel

Harriet Bee Ethaniel

What you need to know: This stylish option is made from solid New Zealand pine and has space for 2 children to study. It also includes a bookcase.

What you will love: It has a low VOC finish so you don’t have to worry about unhealthy toxins being released into the air. In addition, the lower bed is free-standing so you can move it to other positions in the room.

What you should be aware of: The bunk bed does not include mattresses and some customers complain that the bed arrives with parts missing.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

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