Before bed: Kendall Jenner unwinds with hot tea and meditation

For Kendall Jenner, a before-bed routine is more than just a utilitarian act that includes covetable skin care and attention to her teeth (she’s partnered with the oral hygiene company Moon since 2019, recently launching her first collection with them). “I like to wind down in the evenings,” Jenner tells Vogue. “I usually drink tea and relax by reading a book or writing in my journal.” Last year, Jenner opened up about her struggle with anxiety, and she’s found an intentional nighttime routine helps calm any racing thoughts. “I have struggled with anxiety for years and it can have good and bad days,” Jenner explains. “If I need to wind down, I really make a point to take 15 minutes to meditate to settle my anxiety so I can get a good night’s rest.”

Here, Jenner shares her nighttime essentials, from her teeth-whitening pen to her sister’s Skims pajamas. As for her sheets? Jenner wants to keep that secret to herself for now.

What’s on your bedside table?

You can’t go wrong with an insulated canteen water bottle. Having it on hand reminds me to drink water throughout the day, and I keep it on my bedside table too. I typically use Takeya. So, always water to stay hydrated, Rose Mint Teeth Whitening Pen for an easy and refreshing whitening boost, and a calming candle. I burn the MAD and LEN candle in my bedroom, it smells amazing. The one I always buy is black champaka, it fills the air with a comforting, warm aroma.

Mad et Len Black Champaka Candle

Takeya Actives Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Do you look at your phone at night before you sleep?

I’m trying to get better about keeping my phone near my bed at night. I usually try to avoid looking at my phone at least an hour before heading to bed.

What are your ideal sheets?

My sheets are my biggest secret!

Blackout curtains or sunlight?

I love both, but my blackout curtains are amazing. If I have the time to sleep in, I will always take that opportunity.

What parts of your routine are every single night, and which are every now and then?

Basic skin-care routine and MOON Oral beauty routine are every night. Some nights I take my skin care a step further with extra products, serums, and cleansers. I prefer to use gentle products on my face like the Clean Natural Facial Cleanser from my dermatologist, Christie Kidd. For serum I always use SkinCeuticals Vitamin CE Ferulic.

SkinCeauticals CE Ferulic

Christie Kidd Clean Natural Facial Cleanser

Moon Grpahite Gray Clean Slide Floss

Moon Charcoal Mouth Rinse

Do you set a bedtime?

During the week and when I’m at home, I usually go to bed around the same time. When I travel, it’s much harder to live by that bedtime, but I try. I find it keeps me consistent.

Alarm or no alarm?

I usually work every day, so alarm! I also love getting up early to ride my horse, so most of the time I set an alarm. But every so often, I love to change it up and just sleep in a little bit. I set my morning alarms on my phone while I’m at home and traveling for work.

What are your favorite pajamas?

SKIMS PJs of course!

Skims Hotel Sleep Button Up Top

What would you say keeps you up at night? And those nights where you really can’t fall asleep, what do you do to help you wind down?

My anxiety. I have struggled with anxiety for years and it can have good and bad days. If I need to wind down, I really make a point to take 15 minutes to meditate to settle my anxiety so I can get a good night’s rest.

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