Bed-Stuy Still Lags With Bivalent Booster: Data

BED-STUY, BROOKLYN — New York City still lags in getting the new, bivalent COVID-19 vaccine to its residents, city data shows.

New local data shows that in some parts of Bed-Stuy, the rates are somewhat better than the rest of the borough, but much of the neighborhood remains in the single digits.

Over 14 percent of residents in the 11216 ZIP Code, which includes parts of Crown Heights as well as Bed-Stuy, have received their bivalent boosters, a slightly higher rate than the only 12 percent of New Yorkers have received their bivalent COVID boosters, data shows.

11205, which also encompasses parts of Clinton Hill and Fort Green, sits at nearly 13 percent, just barely above the city average.

Bivalent vaccine rates for other ZIP Codes in Bed-Stuy were much lower, with 11213 — which Bed-Stuy shares with Crown Heights — showing that only 5.73 percent of residents have received the updated booster, despite rising COVID cases citywide.

Across Brooklyn, bivalent booster rates hover at 10 percent, much lower than Manhattan’s 23 percent rate. Park Slope, Gowanus, Brooklyn Heights and Boerum Hill have the highest booster rates in Kings County, followed closely by Prospect Heights/Clinton Hill.

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