Bed should be shared with four during ‘family reunion’, indulges in unnatural sex, studs should pay money – KERALA – CRIME


KOTTAYAM: In order to avoid the disturbance by the police, the groups of the exchange partners gather in houses. Which house they gather at and who they all reach there will remain a secret. You can find people by chatting on social media. After developing a friendly relationship, they understand things and then go so far as to share secret information. After all, they share the information of the exchange partners. If they show interest, they will be added to the secret messenger groups. You will first share pictures and then make a video call. After that, the gathering will be resolved. The gathering is in the name of family reunification and so no one will suspect. When reaching for reunification, everyone should obey the unwritten laws. Must share the bed with four people at the same time. You will also indulge in unnatural sex.

Those who come with wives are top priority. A person who comes alone should give money to attend the reunion. Known as the “Stud”, they have to pay 14,000 rupees to the group. Only then will they get the person they want. A woman and a man can become a stud. Expats can also attend the couple reunion. Such meetings usually take place in tourist centers and host families. The gathering here will be in the name of the family reunion.

The group, which includes people from different districts of the state and expats, has a thousand members. Doctors and lawyers are active members of the group. In addition to couples, there are also unmarried people. Seven groups on social media related to the case are under surveillance. There are more than five thousand members in seven groups. According to police, some of them have been married for less than a year and others for over 20 years.



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