Bed shortage in Mumbai likely due to rules by insurance companies: Civic Body chief

With Mumbai seeing a rapid surge in coronavirus infections, the number of daily hospital admissions with Covid in hospitals has increased. The private hospitals in the city are running at full speed and are also faced with an acute shortage of staff and have had to dedicate their non-Covid staff to the treatment of coronavirus patients. In fact, it does because the hospitalization rate in state and Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) -controlled hospitals is limited.

Although data from the Mumbai Citizens’ Registration Office shows that there are significant numbers of beds available for Covid patients, residents are complaining about the shortage of beds in private hospitals.

After the BMC received complaints from citizens that they were having trouble finding hospital beds in private hospitals, citizens asked the hospitals to find out the reason. They found that most of the patients admitted to private hospitals have mild Covid symptoms and are taking drug treatments containing molnupiravir. Mumbai City Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal said the reason for the complaints about the shortage of beds in private hospitals could have more to do with the rules put in place by insurance companies than an actual shortage of beds, The Economic Times (ET) reported .

Private hospitals full

Almost 60 percent of the beds in Mumbai’s private hospitals reserved for Covid-19 patients are occupied amid rising coronavirus cases. Dr. Gautam Bhansali, the chief Covid-19 coordinator of all private hospitals, told India today that most cases are from high-rise buildings and there are fewer cases from the slums. Dr. Bhansali had said that people in high-rise buildings prefer private hospitals and therefore bed occupancy in private hospitals is increasing.

Not serious patients blocking hospitals

Chahal told ET that beds in private hospitals are being occupied by non-serious patients, which is a problem. The citizenry has now decided to monitor patients admission to private hospitals to ensure that people who really need hospitalization are admitted.

He said most patients who are admitted to private hospitals have mild symptoms and are discharged within a day or two. The regulations of the health insurance companies state that patients who are admitted for at least one day will be considered for exemption from insurance benefits, the private hospitals informed the city’s citizen office.

In light of the complaints, Mumbai’s citizens have asked all private hospitals to have people (mild symptoms) treated in OutPatient Departments (OPDs). The report said the citizens’ authority will discuss the matter with insurance companies to allow payments to be made to patients treated in OPDs.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) had set a deadline for all private hospitals in the city to restore their bed capacity to the level of the second wave of the pandemic, Mid Day reported. The citizens also asked the hospitals to discharge the asymptomatic patients within three days.

Sales of home test kits should be banned?

The BMC is unable to track large numbers of coronavirus cases across the city due to the sale of many home test kits. Citizens are reportedly planning to ban the sale of home test kits for Covid. Mumbai Municipal Corporation receives the positive test reports for RT-PCR tests performed by the laboratories, but they have no way of finding out the results of the home test kits.

Mumbai now reported 33,299 cases and nine deaths in the past 24 hours. The total number of cases in this region now stands at 19,38,027 and the death toll at 36,165.

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