Bed-Sharing Is Super Common, But Parents Don’t Want To Admit It

When it comes to raising kids, bed-sharing – sometimes called co-sleeping – is perhaps one of the most divisive topics.

Those parents who have gone down this route will undoubtedly have seen the search results telling them they’re going to kill their baby. They’ll have heard the phrase ‘You’re making a rod for your own back’ at least 300 times, too.

But despite this, bed-sharing is super common, says child sleep expert Lauren Peacock, from Little Sleep Stars.

“Studies show that in the UK, by the time a baby is three months old, half will have bed-shared with a parent at some point,” she tells HuffPost UK.

The sleep expert adds that of the families she speaks to in her practice, around 20% bed-share all or most of the time. A further 40-50% do some of the time.


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