Bed reservations for Covid-19 patients in private hospitals should end now: VHA

Nagpur: The Vidarbha Hospital Association (VHA) has called for bed reservations for every single coronavirus patient in private hospitals to be completely abolished. Because the positive cases of Covid-19 have decreased drastically.

positive cases down

Dr. Anup Marar, the convener of the Vidarbha Hospital Association, said the 8:80 pm rule is still in place. Each of the hospitals had already started using beds for non-Covid in view of the disease mucormycosis and later dengue fever.

Dr. Anup Marar also said: “Now the administration of this Covid-19 reservation system for beds should officially end. According to the state of GR, these hospitals should now not be allowed to function Covid-free for at least more than 50% of their capacity.

The state government had already said in the GR that in the event of a fall, the beds reserved for the coronavirus should not be below 50%. These state government officials have said there are fewer than 100 active cases of coronavirus in more than 15 counties in the state and beds are free from Covid-19 as well. Now, in these cities too, most of the Covid-19 cases are treated at home. And a very small percentage of coronavirus patients are now in need of hospitalization.

The Vidarbha Hospital Association now has more than 126 private hospitals in Vidarbha. And its total bed thickness is more than 10,000.

Restore the trauma center building

Aside from these private hospitals, there is a requirement to restore the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) trauma center building for accident victims and trauma patients. However, officials from Government Medical College and the hospital said a strategic decision was also made to maintain the trauma center’s coronavirus hospital status for some time.

A senior official said that in the event of the third wave of Covid-19, the coronavirus hospital, which was being developed in the trauma center’s building, is fully operational. Ventilators and pediatric intensive care units are also located in these hospitals. So it was decided to keep it as a coronavirus hospital.

The President of the Vidarbha Hospital Association named Dr. Ashok Arbat said the rules should be flexible and if coronavirus cases increase and Covid patients need to be hospitalized, bed reservations can also be restored at that time. “Many coronavirus patients currently neither need a hospital stay nor admission to the intensive care unit. Private hospitals should now be able to focus on all post-coronavirus and non-Covid diseases with a good focus, ”he said.

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