Bed bug found in King Library

Custodial staff at King Library found a bed bug on the first floor near the circulation desk on Jan 24.

During their usual morning cleaning, staff found a single, dying bed bug. Nick Kneer, strategic communications coordinator for libraries at Miami University, said the custodians immediately contacted their supervisors and got Miami’s Physical Facilities Department (PFD) involved. Kneer said PFD searched the area and found no other bugs, but sprayed the first floor as a precaution.

Kneer said PFD thinks someone brought the bug in on their backpack. King will continue to be closely monitored over the next couple days.

“Staff do a great job,” Kneer said, “and I think the fact that they found it [and] identified it was pretty impressive because personally, I wouldn’t have known, if I found a bedbug, what it was, but they were like, ‘Let’s, double check to make sure what this is’ … and then they ran up the chain .”

Though the circulation desk was shut down and, according to an email, employees of the Howe Writing Center were instructed to work remotely today, King Library is still open to visitors.

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