Bed Bath & Beyond’s best products to make your home a cozy oasis.

Assortment of linens on sale at Bed Bath &  Beyond

As we gear up for the impending chill, only the coziest linens will do. (Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond)

Winter is on its way, and we’re all about transforming our homes into snuggly sanctuaries this fall. When the temperature drops, there’s no better place to be than under a plush blanket, fresh out of a relaxing bath. With these cozy home picks from Bed Bath & Beyond, you’ll be ready to enjoy the chilled down ride.

When you find something you like from the list below, make sure to take advantage of Bed Bath & Beyond’s new Welcome Rewards Program. It’s free to join, gives you an automatic $5 off and lets you rack up points with each purchase that turn into discounts. Opt for the $29 a year Welcome Rewards+ program and you’ll get 20% off your entire purchase, plus even more perks. You’ll also get free shipping for the first week! Go ahead, make yourself comfortable.

These 100% Turkish cotton bath towels will wrap you in that après-spa feeling, every day. Haven uses long staple cotton—a longer, silkier strand that helps create a smooth and luxurious texture. These towels are also organic, so you can feel good about what’s on your skin. At 50% off, they’re also a steal. “Amazingly soft; absorbent and generously huge!” writes a pampered reviewer. What more could you want in a towel?

A good fluffy comforter turns a winter bed into a posh, nightly retreat. The best versions have a medium, breathable weight that keeps you warm without overheating. This Nestwell comforter does exactly that, just ask this happy sleeper: “We recently redid our bedding and I wanted something puffy and cloud-like but not down. This duvet is amazing!! I was worried the medium weight would be too warm (my husband is a hot sleeper) but it actually is so good. We used to wake up sweaty in our old comforter but this one is somehow airy while still providing the perfect level of warmth.” Let this be the winter you upgrade your bedding to hotel status—your sleep will thank you. Use your 20% off Welcome Rewards+ discount and that’ll take this comforter down to just $184.

Searching for the perfect pillow can feel like a life’s work. For side sleepers, a thick and firm pillow helps to support the neck and shoulders, but the shape rarely lasts all night. Enter Therapedic’s Zero Flat Side Sleeper pillow, which, as promised, never goes flat. Filled with a signature mixture of memory foam and down alternative, this hybrid design is an answer from the slide sleeping pillow gods. “I’m purchasing my third one because it really is the perfect pillow,” reports a recent convert. Need more evidence? This report from the field should seal the deal: “So comfortable that we slept in.”

The weighted blanket is the hug of the bedding world. The gentle weight creates a calming, relaxing feeling as you cozy up with a book or tuck in for the night. This therapeutic blanket gets bonus points for being, as one reviewer put it, “minky soft.” The snug embrace helps you sleep better, longer and more peacefully. The reviews are filled with raves from people who have had their sleep transformed by this fuzzy wonder. “It may be the best purchase I have and will ever make,” writes one, while another declares it’s her “favorite Christmas gift of the year hands down!!”

Blackout curtains are a surefire way to upgrade your sleep quality. Creating a dark space signals sleep time, and your brain will follow the lead. These blackout panels are designed to not only dampen light, but also sound, quieting your slumber space. They’re also beautiful, with a heavy, luxurious drape and textured, linen-like look. Customers from warmer climates are also impressed by their ability to block heat and keep rooms cool. (“These have worked perfect in my office they keep the sun out and keep the room cooler.”) A $22 pair of blackout curtains with climate control? yes please

While some throw blankets are all for show, this Bee & Willow knit blanket is as gorgeous as it is snuggly. Classic cable knit on one side, plush Sherpa on the other, this is a choose your own adventure blanket with no bad choices. Think of it as your couch’s transforming sidekick: fabulous décor by day, cozy comforter by night. Did we mention people love this blanket? “Bought another one after getting home and washing the first. Top notch quality… I have bought a lot of throws and this is by far my favorite and will last for years.”

Handwoven and 100% cotton, this is a perfect version of a classic bath rug. With soft woven puffs to absorb excess water (and give your feet a little massage), this rug adds a touch of every day pleasure to your shower routine. The slightly sticky backing holds the rug in place (no non-slip pad necessary) and the whole thing goes into the washing machine for an easy refresh. “I love the texture, color, and size. I have received so many compliments!” writes a happy reviewer. At $10, it’s time to get those compliments for yourself.

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