Beat the heat at bedtime with this TikTok hack (VIDEO)

This TikTok hack is sure to cool down your bed in hot weather.  — Shutterstock pic

This TikTok hack is sure to cool down your bed in hot weather. — Shutterstock pic

Saturday, 18 Jun 2022 11:47 AM MYT

PARIS, June 18 — It can be difficult to get to sleep in hot weather. A tip shared on the social network TikTok makes alternative use of a hot water bottle to cool down your bed and help you get some shut-eye.

You know the score. The thermometer tops 30°C and you’re tossing and turning in bed, desperate to get some sleep. If you don’t have air conditioning or a fan, those sticky nights can quickly become unbearable. Fortunately, this tip, shared on the social network TikTok, will cool down your bed in no time, and hopefully help you sleep more easily.

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A frozen hot water bottle

To keep your bed fresh and cool when you hit the hay, a TikTok user in the UK shares a hack that requires a little forward planning. Instead of packing your hot water bottle away until winter, the young woman suggests making use of it this summer.

Here, instead of filling it with hot water, she fills it about two-thirds full with cold water.

After pressing lightly on it to get the air out, she closes the hot water bottle and puts it in the freezer.

Once the hot water bottle is frozen — in her case the following evening — she places it under her sheets and pillow one hour before going to bed.

The result is a perfectly chilled bed to help her fall asleep more easily! Other tips to beat the heat at night include sticking to a light meal before bed and avoiding drinking alcohol.

Alcohol or rich food requires more effort to digest, in turn making the body warmer. — ETX Studio


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