B.Ed, D.Ed colleges in Telangana face existential crisis

Hyderabad: The B.Ed and D.Ed colleges in Telangana are facing an existential crisis these days. A few years ago there was an unusual competition to take up these courses. But that is not the case now.

The main reason given for the students’ lack of interest in these courses is the lack of employment opportunities.

In the past, after completing the D.Ed. But the situation has now changed.

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The lack of interest of the prospective students leads to an existential crisis for the universities that offer these courses.

In the last 4 years a total of 112 educational institutions have been closed. If this trend continues, the experts believe that the days are not far off when the DEd course itself will be abolished. This trend can only be reversed if applicants are guaranteed employment after completing this course.

If the number of secondary school teachers (SGT) in state schools increases and the D Ed becomes compulsory for service in private schools, candidates for these courses can again be recruited.

According to government figures for 2016-17, the number of D.Ed colleges in the state was 212, of which 10 were state-owned and the rest were private. Around 100 universities are now closed and many more are about to close.

The number of students who choose these courses is decreasing day by day. There were 11,500 B Ed seats in 2017-18, of which only 7,650 were allowed.

Similarly, seats were reduced in 2020-21 and, out of a total of 6,250 seats, only 2,828 candidates were admitted. Many colleges couldn’t even attract 20 students.


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