As COVID-19 cases surge in city, check bed availability situation in private and government hospitals

Covid-19 and Omicron cases are increasing in Mumbai. With this in mind, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has kept 20,431 beds ready to deal with the situation. Of the 20,431 beds, 77.43 percent of the beds are available in public hospitals and 22.57 percent in private hospitals.

At the beginning of the third wave, the BMC kept most of the patients in domestic isolation. According to this, only 35.45 percent of the beds are occupied by the patients and 64.54 percent of the beds are free, officials said.

BMC’s Covid-19 dashboard shows 7,234 beds are occupied in the city. Of these, 73.27 percent of patients are admitted to public hospitals and 26.72 percent of patients are admitted to private hospitals.

In the second wave, the shortage of adequate oxygen supply due to long hospital stays was a problem faced by large metropolitan areas like Delhi. Therefore, this time the BMC has around 52 percent oxygen beds and 7 percent ventilation beds ready to tackle the third wave. Oxygen beds are 26 percent occupied and 74 percent empty. The dashboard showed 52 percent of the oxygen beds in public hospitals and 48 percent of the oxygen beds in private hospitals.

Mangala Gomare, chief of BMC’s medical health department, said The free press journal “Although cases are increasing in the city, most positive patients are asymptomatic. So we say don’t panic. These asymptomatic patients can be cured at home. Therefore, most of our beds are free. ”She appealed to people to strictly adhere to Covid-friendly behavior. “If people do not adhere to the Covid-fair behavior, the situation can get worse in the future,” added Gomare.

Deputy Community Commissioner G North Kiran Dighavkar said the company has transferred responsibility for caring for home-quarantined patients to housing associations. “Our war room teams frequently call quarantined patients and check their whereabouts and health. We are also in contact with concerned office workers from the housing association. these officers are the first to inform us. Accordingly, we take action against rule violations, “he added.

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Posted: Saturday January 08, 2022 10:12 PM IST


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